Mejoras en la iluminación y energía por medio de LED (1)
Publicado: 8 diciembre, 2022

Maintenance services in lighting and energy through LEDs

When discussing energy savings, the topic of lighting using LED lights is usually presented, however, there are many more advantages that we want to show you compared to traditional light bulbs .

 At REM Soluciones, through our maintenance service, we offer you some recommendations:

  • Savings : LED technology consumes between 80 to 90% less energy than traditional technology, so the economic savings it generates are immediate and, therefore, makes them very attractive. 
  • Duration : Regarding duration, traditional light bulbs can last about 2,000 hours, however, LEDs last around 15,000 hours, which outlines a wide long-term benefit. 
  • Heating : LED lights do not heat up significantly like traditional light bulbs, which generally represents a substantial saving in the temperature setting of spaces. 
  • Variations : There is a wide range of temperatures, intensities and colors so they generate environments for every occasion
  • Health : Headaches can be reduced thanks to the great variety of improvements in light variations and luminosity settings, so if you currently have any sensitivity, LED lights can help you. In addition, it is known that they reduce anxiety and stress, since if we spend a long time in environments where there is artificial light, our mood can change, leading us to have emotional disorders or increasing our fatigue; But LEDs reduce these behaviors since the lighting they offer resembles natural light.
  • Productivity : LED lighting increases productivity and promotes people’s well-being. There are numerous studies that affirm that, in places where LED lights are installed, learning and performance improve due to the ease of setting the brightness, among others.
  • LEDs  do not emit UV radiation and are safe  for people, thus avoiding overexposure of harmful light to the skin,  avoiding health problems  such as eye fatigue, premature skin aging, headaches or skin cancer. .

Improvements in lighting and energy through LEDs
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