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We understand the agility of today’s industry and the fast market needs, so the facilities in perfect conditions for the health and comfort of workers through our services for facilities (cleaning, maintenance, green areas, porter’s lodge), are a propitious way to achieve the goals.

Pharmaceuticals and Health

REM Soluciones understands the importance of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry; the high degree of quality required, and facilities in perfect clean condition. Our constant maintenance program will promote quality hand in hand with the industry.


Understanding quality and processes in the food industry is essential and part of our responsibility and commitment to our customers. We achieve the necessary standards in compliance to the industry. Ask about our cleaning, maintenance, janitorial, etc. packages.


We generate clean and adequate spaces for future generations with our maintenance programs. Safe and hygienic spaces are indispensable to keep the educational population focused on their growth.


We serve its customers, cleaning, disinfection, maintenance of facilities optimizing the processes to a higher-level scope.

Airports / Port Services

Whatever level you require, REM Soluciones fosters scalability, security and integration of all our cleaning, maintenance, janitorial and green area services for a continuous improvement in operations with systems of high international standards.

Post Renovation Cleaning | Post-Construction Cleanup Services

Rem Soluciones provides cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning. Give us a call when you finish your dream house, if you are moving or just want a better place to stay